A/C Maintenance for Westlake Village

Air Conditioning Repair Westlake Village knows how to keep your HVAC unit running efficiently. Routine Maintenance leads to a high functioning a/c unit. We have learned, over the years, about all that scheduled HVAC maintenance can do to extend a/c equipment life.

Reasons Why You Should Own A Quality Maintenance Agreement:

  1. HVAC systems last longer with good maintenance. Extend your a/c Equipment Life with our Quality Maintenance Agreement.
  2. You deserve to be comfortable. Lost capacity can result in uneven room temperatures and discomfort on those extra hot days. Utility research cites that high quality routine maintenance restores lost capacity.
  3. Routine Maintenance can slow down your electrical meter, with empirical utility research proving that comfort system maintenance can cut utility expenses by up to 30%. Saving money is possible with routine preventive a/c maintenance.
  4. Customers also benefit from receiving a complete report after each round of maintenancem in accordance with procedures based on ACCA ANSI Certified Quality Maintenance Standards.
  5. The Canoga Park Heating and Air Conditioning customers receive priority service, to include a 10% discount on repairs and a reduced media fitter price.
  6. Big problems cost more money, while smaller issues, detected early cost less in a/c repairs. later. Quality HVAC maintenance can prevent breakdowns altogether.
  7. With the cost of a spring maintenance tune-up being $105, and a fall maintenance tune-up costing $105, our Quality Maintenance Agreement is quite the bargain at $185. Go for an annual discount and sign up for our Routine Maintenance Agreement.
  8. Schedule planned service immediately after your HVAC installation and enjoy an a/c system that is set to last longer.
  9. Here, at Canoga Park Heating and Air Conditioning - Westlake Village, we service every type and brand of HVAC units. Planned service reduces repair costs.